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Changing Nintex Content DB Permissions

Question asked by vacoder on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by vacoder

While working on some powershell scripts to automate site setup and to associate a nintex db with a sharepoint site I didn't always get it right. Now I'm looking at some Nintex content databases that have me as the dbo which it should be a service account. Or does not have my Farm Admin account as a user at all. I now create these sites logged in under my SharePoint configuration account exclusively.


The reason I need to do this is that we are upgrading the version of Nintex workflow to a more recent one and when upgrading the Database via central administration I received an error on one of the databases that did not have the Config Account in the DBO role (the account I was doing this work under). When I checked the ULS log it said:


'Cannot find the object 'DeleteWorkflows', because it does not exist or you do not have permission'


I ended up running the nwadmin command to updatedatabases but I would like to avoid the error as we have some odd breaks in our processes after upgrading and I'd like to rule out the upgrade process.


The way the Nintex_Content DB is now being setup is as follows:

My Farm Account is a user with membership in the WSS_Content_Application_Pool role

My Config Account is the dbo and is in the db_owner role.


On The SharePoint side its' pretty much the same except that the Farm Account has membership in the dbo_owner and the SPDataAccess roles


I'd like to correct the user and role membership of the Nintex databases. For instance, on one DB the Farm Admin account is in the db_owner role and the Config Account is not a user at all. The site is working but its not consistent.


I'm not sure what the Best practice is for changing these accounts in the Nintex DB and if I would also have to make a parallel change in the SharePoint DB to accomodate any changes made to the Nintex DBs.


Any guidance on this is much appreciated!