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Unable to import a site containing Nintex workflows

Question asked by bmittleman on Aug 5, 2014
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I am using SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard 2.8 beta to copy a site from one server to another.  The site contains Nintex workflows.  When I attempt to import the site to the new location the following error is generated:


[05/08/2014 18:11:55] [Web] [Procedures] Progress: Importing

[05/08/2014 18:11:55] [Web] [Procedures]   Verbose: Importing Web http://  (site name here)

[05/08/2014 18:11:55] FatalError: The 'Type' attribute is invalid - The value 'WorkflowCompleted' is invalid according to its datatype 'urn:deployment-manifest-schema:SPEventReceiverType' - The Enumeration constraint failed.

*** Inner exception:

The Enumeration constraint failed.

[05/08/2014 18:11:56] Progress: Import did not complete.


I have tried re-deploying the Nintex solution on the destination server but so far have been unable to resolve this.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.