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Management possibilities of Nintex Forms

Question asked by glenda on Aug 5, 2014
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    1. Are there any 'management' possibilities of existing Nintex Forms (e.g. on site-collection level like Nintex Workflows). Is it be possible to generate an overview of all lists (or content types) where Nintex Forms are being used?
    2. I am not sure about how to correctly manage a form for a certain list. When publishing a Nintex Form, the library uses that form which is an awesome functionality. However, if one would decide to use the SP form again, the only possibility is to delete  the Nintex Form in the ribbon. This way, all changes that have been made on the generated form are gone if I would like to use the Nintex Form again.
      • Is the preffered way here to use export/import?
      • Is there an other way to "activate/de-activate" the Nintex Form on a particular list?