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Creating different types of Tasks in a Workflow

Question asked by westerdaled on Jun 1, 2016
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I want to embellish my existing approval  workflow by adding a non-approval task in the Approved branch of the "Assign Task" Action. The example I have in mind, is once a managed has approved a request,  a new "Action this" task is generated.  Ideally this would display a check list of related sub tasks which will need to be completed before the overarching "Action this" task is flagged as complete.


I guess I could do with some advice as to which is the best approach - here are my initial thoughts:

  • Configure a "Assign Task" with appropriate outcomes "Request Completed" or "Waiting for more info".
  • Create  a custom Task Outcome: Content Type ( happy to do this PowerShell).
  • Customise the Task form to included my check boxes.
  • Perhaps, add a New Item to a designated Task List . The Task List  I could included additional fields or better still created with  a new Content Type.




Be interested to hear the thoughts of the community.