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Nintex Forms - User tries to add new item (Form) in SharePoint but a white blank screen appears

Question asked by antoinmcc on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by cazza162



We have come across some unusual behavior from one of our users. We have a Nintex form associated with one of our libraries in SharePoint (2013) which is working as expected.


However when one particular user tries to create a new item they are forwarded to a white blank screen with no error message. We have only experienced this error with one user, we have triple checked her permissions and everything is as it should be. She has the same rights as a large number of users who whenever adding a new item will get the expected Nintex Form.


Any advice or guidance on this would be grateful. It is worth saying that all users have the same version of IE but could she be missing some plugin that is causing a conflict etc....


Thanks in advance,