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Provisioning new tasks list AND assigning workflows to them

Question asked by jvall on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by olampl11

Hello all,

I've got a Projects list where each project has an associated task list.

Every time a project is created, a Nintex list workflow runs and provisions a new task list to be associated with that project. A task list also has a column that details assignees to complete that task.

I need a separate workflow, tied to each task list, that will email assignees whenever they've been assigned to a task.

Normally, this wouldn't be a problem as it's as simple as creating a list workflow to handle the email notifications. The problem is that our tasks lists are being generated dynamically via another workflow, and we want to automate reusing task notification workflows.


At first I thought I could just associate a notification workflow with the content type of 'Task,' and that normally is done by creating a reusable workflow snippet/template (as detailed in the correct answer of this post) but learned that it wasn't possible in Nintex Workflows for Office 365 in this post.


Has anyone encountered a similar situation before, and found a solution for it? Keep it mind we're using Nintex for Office 365, not on-prem.