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Unable to purge the Workflow History List - List too Large

Question asked by jhunter97 on Jun 1, 2016
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I have a customer that is in dire need of purging their Nintex Worflow History list. Currently, there are over 3.2 million items within the list. Since there are too many records to delete via the UI, I tried the following:

How to purge items from a large history list safely via PowerShell - After 30 minutes, the memory usage for PowerShell.exe surged from 130,000 MB to 13 GB and eventually crashed. This occurred at the line (I did change the Parse date): if($($list.Items[$index])['Modified'] -lt [DateTime]::Parse("01/01/2014")){

Nintex Workflow - Purge History List Data for a Site Collection - Vadim Tabakman  -  This ran for several hours (Querying the List) before erroring out with a non-descriptive debug exception.


Does anyone have any other ideas for purging this list?