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Moving Nintex List Workflows from Test to Production with PowerShell

Question asked by sonisick on May 31, 2016
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In our Test System, we have some lists with multiple workflows. Does anyone know of way to import all of the workflows into lists with a PowerShell Script?


We have one main list with over 10 workflows and don't relish the thought of adding these one at a time through our multiple stage environments.


This was my part of my response from support:


Greetings Stephan,
Regarding your questions:

1.  Need to know a procedure for move a list with a lot of Nintex Workflows to another site without exporting and importing the Workflows one by one. (Preferably something with PowerShell)
a) You can try using this PowerShell to export workflows, you will need to modify it to see if it fits your needs:

This approach uses our NWAdmin.exe tool with -ExportWorkflow switch, more info found here:
  However to import them back in there is no way to do this programmatically using the above approach.

b) Another way you could attempt to do this is using our Nintex Workflow 2013 SDK:

c) We also recommend reaching out to our Nintex Community for ideas on how this can be done: