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enforce unique value, but it triggers error message "Duplicate ID" in the edit mode

Question asked by zoe on May 31, 2016
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Hi everyone,

I would like to know how to set the "enforce unique value" rule apply to the new entry item only.


in my case, I created a list for everyone to come to log the bug they found, so, firstly,  I set the column to "enforce unique value" n SharePoint, the purpose is to prevent people to report the duplicate issue. It works in that way, but it fails in another side, which when someone want to open the item to give the feedback, it doesn't allow to save the answer, as the "enforce unique value" has set in one of the fields to prevent duplicate entry.


thus, I change the  "enforce unique value" to No on SharePoint, and edit the configuration on Nintex, added an extra rule as below, but, however, this makes it worse, the result go totally opposite, now the user can create new item with duplicate item ID, and can't open the item to edit or save the feedback due to "save" action will trigger duplicate checking....



any idea?