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Nintex Workflow Todo tasks

Question asked by leif.frederiksen on May 31, 2016
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Hi all,


I am creating todo tasks in a workflow. I have two issues in this regard:


1) When I look at the resulting tasks I do not have an easy option to "Mark task as complete" like I do on "standard" Sharepoint tasks, where there is a checkbox directly in the list view, that I can just check, and the the task's completeness is automatically set to 100%. Instead the user needs to edit the task item, and put "100" in the progress field. Not so user friendly I think.

2) When I look at the item list (the original item, on which the workflow is running, and to which the generated todo task is related), I want to provide the user with an easy way to open the related task and mark it as complete.


Please provide any views and input related to these two issues - and other issues related to the whole "todo task" concept :-)