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For Each processing null data

Question asked by deaconf19 on May 26, 2016
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I'm creating my own collection variable after a multitude of RegEx actions to get the data and put into the proper format. The second to last variable (CleanData) which is a SLT variable that looks like the following.




Then I do a RegEx with the following


Pattern ;

Operation: Split

Input Text: CleanData

Store Result: ProcessData


The problem is I keep getting the following data from ProcessData




It's adding an additional two semi colons at the end and I'm not sure why. I have checked the raw data (CleanData and other variables) and there is no trailing white space.


It wouldn't be a problem, however my for each is processing the extra semi colons and creating a list item entry with the empty data.

How can I remove the extra semi colons at the very least stop the for each from processing the?