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How to extract IdleTime from Nintex Workflows list?

Question asked by tomc on May 26, 2016


On one of my lists i'd like to be able to extract the idle time of workflows that are running on an item. I'm aware I can use the CAML query editor, and have done so for extracting check in comments when a workflow is edited (in order to notify some users of changes to workflows):




    <List Title="NintexWorkflows" />



    <FieldRef Name="_CheckinComment" />

    <FieldRef Name="Title" />




      <FieldRef Name="Title"  />

      <Value Type="Text">NAMEOFWORKFLOW</Value>



  <ViewAttributes Scope="Recursive" />


However I don't know what the column name is in the hidden Nintex Workflows list for idle time - I tried using "_IdleTime" but this was not correct.

Does anyone know what the column name is containing idle time, or even better, how to make the hidden workflows list visible?