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If installing updates to forms, do I need to update workflow as well?

Question asked by jesse.mchargue Champion on May 26, 2016
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I want to update our forms and workflow to a more recent version and had a few questions that I could not find answers to.

  • If we update forms, do we have to update workflow (or vice versa)?
    • I do not see a reason why we would do this anyways, but it was asked of me and want to know the answer
  • What is the "typical" duration for the update to complete?
    • I know this is dependent on a lot of different variables, but is there a max time frame?
  • Outage required?
    • I assume this is yes, based on the readings thus far.
  • Does the version of the farm affect (or need to be considered for anything)?
    • We are on 14.0.7162.5000, but did not find anything that pointed to it being an issue.


Any extra words of wisdom would be appreciated too! Trying to understand the process and what to expect so I can pass it along to everyone else!