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Auto populate 2nd input field by checking a tick box

Question asked by larry.saytee on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by larry.saytee

Hi All.

Hope all is well. I am new to Nintex form and workflow. I am getting along well and have deployed some solutions. Just stuck on a form feature that follows....


I've a tick box named "Same as Inbound" for the Outbound trip section of the Travel Request form. I've done the workflow that set the Inbound Arrival and Departure airports to that of the Outbound fields inputs if the "Same as Inbound" tick box is selected.



Outbound Section

- Fields (Departure Airport, Arrival Airport)



Inbound Section

- (Arrival Airport, Departure Airport)



Now, I've been asked to make a change where selecting the "Same as Inbound" tick box in the Outbound Section will auto populate the fields in the Inbound Section.


Seems this can be done using jQuery but I am not sure how.



Could you be kind as to assist me in doing this (Auto populate 2nd input field by checking a tick box)?





Thanks, Larry