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How do i add form data to be displayed in Nintex Mobile app for workflow task

Question asked by landersn on May 25, 2016

My boss wants to see three form data from three controls in my Nintex form be included on the Workflow Task she sees in Nintex workflow on Nintex Mobile app. One of these is a mult-line text control and the other two are repeating fields. I get the multi-line control to show but it is editable because I included it in the Edit Form on Flex-Task which is incorrect. I just want what the user entered on the form. All of these 3 items should only be just the form data the user entered and not be editable. she wants it to show when she uses the Mobile app to approve or reject. I also tried to include the text from the multi-line text control in the body of the Task email sent to her but it doesn't show.