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How to set the default value to today's month (January, February...) in a nintex mobile form.

Question asked by chrisbeck513 on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by greenawayr

Currently I have a fairly simple list consisting of 4 columns, the 2 important ones here are "Month" and "Year".  These are both "Single line of text" in SharePoint as this data is validated then passed to a SQL stored procedure.  I have changed the item on the form to be a Choice and selected it to be a dropdown to avoid user errors later (and to make it easier for the end users on mobile devices).


When I'm on the desktop version of the form the following works perfectly "fn-FormatDate(Current Date, "MMMM").  This then selects the option of May as the default selected option.  This also works the same for the Year except with "yyyy" and 2016 is selected as default from the options in the dropdown list.


When on the Nintex iPad App I get "Control has one or more invalid inline functions".  Upon testing, if I changed 'Current Date' to 25/05/2016 then it works perfectly, May is set to the default.  If I create a separate item for testing and set the default value to 'Current Date' it is returning 2016/05/25.  This is where the problem seems to be occurring as 'Current Date' is providing the function with the date backwards (yyyy/mm/dd instead of dd/mm/yyyy).  I created the same item on the desktop form and it is returning dd/mm/yyyy which I assume is why it is working there.


I've checked all regional settings are UK standard, the iPad is setup to be English UK and not anywhere does US appear in any of the regional settings.  How can I get the date in the formula to be dd/mm/yyyy so I can then get it to display this month and year?


This only works on the desktop form:


This works on both the desktop form and the iPad app:


Using Nintex 2010.  My first question on a forum, hopefully its got everything needed to help me out and its posted in the right place!