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Multiple Form Templates - On-Prem SP2013

Question asked by rstrole on May 24, 2016

Im looking for a way to create 2 different form templates (or at least give the illusion). I have a pretty basic format for both templates: a logo and some CSS for positioning, colors, borders, etc... I just need to be able to change the logo location and the css either based on either user selection or the site collection where the form is created (like O365 Forms does).


My fist thought was to just create another desktop device that the user can select. I quickly found out that this was a bad solution because the user would need to change all of the default class names.


My second thought was to have the CSS external to the form and have the CSS include set dynamically by site but there isn't an 'insert reference' on the CSS includes ... I was able to make the logo location dynamic but it was less than ideal because only the webUrl is available to me (so I would need the image in every web not just the rootWeb).


There is the option to insert a reference on the in-form CSS but I cant think of a way to use that to my advantage (since there's no lookup function).


Help is appreciated.