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Created item date value increased with two hours

Question asked by rszabo on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by seid


I have an issue and it seems I can't find a general solution.

I need to report some timestamps regarding Workflow Tasks for specific workflows. After each Task, using the Task ID I query the Workflow Task list and save the Created and Modified dates into variables. If I write these variables then into WF history log, the date is correct.

But after that I want to create a new Item into a "Report" list in which I store this dates too from the variables. For some reason in the list teh created Item's value is 2 hours more then it was in the variable...

I use this action at least 50 places across multiple workflows... 


Server times are correct.

We are in UTC+2, Time Zone, maybe that's the key but I don't know how to modify easily, without changing everywhere the workflows.


Any idea?


Thanks in advance!