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Need help formatting a list lookup in Nintex Form

Question asked by s.loudiyi on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by s.loudiyi

Hello people

So, I have a list lookup in a form. After some discution, my client want me to make the list more "intuitive"

Here's the original list :

Sans titre.pngSans titre 2.pngSans titre 3.png

So the client want two things :

  1. to have a space between each type of field in the list (so between P1/1_Cuve_X, P1/2_Cuve_X, P30/X, and POL_013), or to change the order (P1/1_Cuve_X, P30/X, P1/2_Cuve_X, POL_013). I don't see how to make the first one, so I tried to change the order of the list, but it will not display as such in the form. Why ?
  2. To make the field larger to have more choice without having to scroll. How can I do that ?


I was thinking of another method who seems to be good for my client, except two things. The method is to use check case to select the choice. Like that :

Sans titre 4.png

The first thing I want to change is to add a space between each line, so that each "part" are more visible.

The second thing are on the last line. I want to alignate each choice with the ones on the above line, and to send the last choice on an fourth line. Is that possible ? in the option, I can only select a fixed number of choice per line (here it's at 6).


Thanks in advance

PS : I was thinking of using metadata instead of a list, but I don't think it will please my client (who want to have the least number of action to do). Plus, I have some trouble to send the metadata on another list by workflow. So if I can have a solution without metadata, it will be great ^^"