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Dealing with attachments in "Assign a task" step

Question asked by kristofw on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by tposzytek

The general idea of my form/workflow is that the initiator supposed to fill the part of the form, attach files and send for approval. People in the approval process will be filling the missing part of the forms and view/edit the attached files.


The problem lies in attachments: how can I make the approval to see them? So far I can see two solutions, neither of them is good:

1. Attach the file to the list and send in separate email

2016-05-25 11_22_09-Nintex Workflow for Office 365 - Internet Explorer.png

For strange reasons "Assign a task" block doesn't allow to send attachments, the {Attachments} property that you can add to the email only check do the files exist (so it returns "true" of "false"). In any case this works but:

a) approvers will be getting 2 emails,

b) it creates multiple versions of same file, which can cause problems.


2. Add hyperlink to the files in original form.

Simply: put a single line field and ask the initiator to first upload file to the file repository, then click on the ellipsis, get the link and paste it to the form

2016-05-25 11_26_57-Documents - All Documents - Internet Explorer.png

While it solves the problem with multiple files, it is not very nice for the initiator, especially since our policy is to try using Nintex Mobile as an GUI for interaction with lists.


Perfect solution would involve parts from #1 and #2 : Easy upload of the files and then putting them as hyperlinks in the approval form (I've seen few solutions that work with Sharepoint on-premises (Getting Started: collect task attachments in li... | Nintex Community ) but won't work in O365 environment.). Is it possible to do so?