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How can I limit the number of items submitted to a list?

Question asked by nyeman17 on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by billiemcgrane

Hi Everyone,


I am trying to make an RSVP tool, and I need to limit the number of "Seats" aka the number of items submitted to a list. I found and used Peter Kalmstrom's option, but I do not like how one has to reserve a seat. The problem with Peter's option, is that once this event is done, I have to manually go in and clear the information before starting a new event. I cant just add a new event for the users to select.


I would like to just specify that there are 15 seats available for this event, and the first 15 who submit an item will get a seat. Once all of the seats are taken, SharePoint will either stop displaying the New item button, or they will receive a message saying that the event is full.


I currently have it set up so that I have a calculate column that is +15 from the ID. So If I start with ID-0 I have 15 seats. I then subtract the ID from the calculated column and I have a workflow that says if seat number =0 then change users permissions to read. Once the event is done, I have to change the next event to have a max of 30 because the ID will now be at 15. Just is going to become a pain I can tell.


Anything helps. Let me know if you need more information or screenshots of what I currently have.