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Display repeating section in Word document

Question asked by nurdena on May 24, 2016
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I have a nintex task form as part of a workflow which includes a repeating section control. I am storing the xml output from that control in a multi-line text variable and using the Query XML action to parse it with xslt to convert it to html. Basically like this post explains.


I am then saving that html to a multi-line text property (rich text) against a document content type I have setup in a library and displaying it in the document itself using a word quick part (Inset > Quick Parts > Document Property). I am using quick parts for a few other document properties that are set during the course of the workflow. However, for this property it's outputting the 'raw' html code in the document and not a nice neat table. I have SharePoint Standard edition so don't have access to the Word automation service application to use Content Controls which I've seen mentioned in other posts.


Is there any clever way I might be missing to convert and display this output in a friendly way in word?