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Email not working in Loop with Switch

Question asked by carl.taute on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by cazza162

Hi, I've created a Loop with a Switch, which basically allows and approval process based on various logics to assign flexi-tasks  (IE the decision making process is not linear and requires workflow logic)


the initial part of the loop is tested and working, which I then copied \ pasted into the 2nd part of the switch, and so on.


the short version of the logic is that if Manager 1 approves their flexi task, a field is updated in the list, which the Switch then looks at and passes it on to the next manager.


my problem seems impossible to me

1) the first manager receives and email, and then approves their Flexi Task

2) the workflow continues and correctly assigns the task to the second manager

3) However, the 2nd manager never receives an email to notify to them of step 2 above! I have even tried adding in "Send Email" randomly into the workflow, and it just does not process email


What am I doing wrong? how could it send emails in the first part of the switch, but not in the 2nd part?


I have tried deleting the flexi tasks and recreating them, and typing my personal email address directly into the flexi task (no lookup - direct email), and it still fails to send an email. There is definitely no syntax error within the flexi task. its almost as if the loop is causing the email to fail?