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FBA Mobile Access

Question asked by steenhp on May 21, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by steenhp

Hi all


Just enabled the FBA access option  in CA ->  Nintex Forms Management -> Manage FBA Mobile Access.


  • Trying to browse the URL <SiteUrl>/_vti_bin/NintexMobile/FBA/ where <siteURL> from outside the firewall will bring up a 404. Browsing other URLS will bring up  the FBA sign in page.
  • Trying to browse the URL <SiteUrl>/_vti_bin/NintexMobile/FBA/ where <siteURL> has been will bring up a 403 forbidden access - is this the expected behaviour?


The site is a host named site Collection in a web application with 2 authentication providers - default and extranet. The default zone is configured to use FBA and Windows authentication. The extranet zone is confugired to use Windows authentication only. The URL  <SiteUrl>/_vti_bin/NintexMobile/FBA/ is located in the Default zone when listed with GetSPSiteURL


Any comments??


Regards, Steen