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Forms: I need a value from another list to filter in my current list form

Question asked by jaime.soto on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by jaime.soto

I have a form which contains two  cascading lookups, the first is Department, the second would be the Manager and their Backup. I can eliminate one of the lookups be cause I know the value of the department which is coming from a different list and I'm already collection this in the workflow variables. I want to eliminate the need to have to select the department to get the managers listed for that department. What I need know is how to use this Runtime "Lookup" Function to lookup an item from "LIST A"  and insert the column value into this runtime formula. The syntax is as followed lookup(list title, column to filter on,  value to filter on, output column)  but I cant seem to get the Department name to  display on my form. Can anyone offer some help? I need the value in so I can filter on the managers name so if the department value is "IS" the it will list the manager and there backup in the pull down, If the department is "Accounting" then it will display only those for accounting.


Anyone have a solution out there?


Thank you in advance