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Office 365 Create Site - Custom Site Template

Question asked by dyermull on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by dyermull

Using the Office 365 Create Site action in Nintex workflows, one of the parameters that needs to be setup is the Site Template. This workflow works with the Team Site Template just fine, but when I select Custom Template and try to point to one of the templates in my Solutions Gallery, I get an error that it does not exist.


I have tried variations on the name with and without the file extension, the friendly name that shows up in Create new site and even trying some variations with the GUID for the Template, but all get the same error.


Any ideas how to implement a Custom Site Template? Anyone else had any success using this?


Full Error: The requested site template 'DeptProjectSite4.wsp' for the selected language (LCID) '1033' does not exist.


Thanks for any advice!