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How can I query a sharepoint list on a different site from a site workflow?

Question asked by m.k on May 21, 2016
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I've been assigned to work on the following Nintex workflow and I'm really hoping you guys can help:

  • List in question that requires to be Queried is an imported spreadsheet into a new SharePoint List on Site A
  • A new site workflow on Site B created with variables to be completed by the user (all required and exist in the imported list as columns in Site A)

  • The idea is: Once a request has been submitted. Query the list's specific items in Site A and check if:
  1. User exists but has a disabled account? Then IT gets a task to update item to enabled
  2. User exists and has an enabled account? Just a notification stating the case
  3. User is new? Add information entered in these fields to the list in Site A.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any help!


I've attached the workflow as of now - It's a mess (sorry). I've been trying different scenarios and none of them seem to work.

But it should serve as a good reference to what I would like to achieve exactly.