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Flexi-Task assigned to old name of renamed User

Question asked by maurer on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by maurer

Hi everyone,


I'm facing the following problem:

I have a workflow with a flexi-task for approval. This flexi-task is assigned to a group with two members. One of the members got renamed in Active Directory a few months ago. Now, when the person gets the task for approval, it is assigned to the old login name. Also it looks something like "i:0#.w|domain/username", not Name with presence like the other member of this group (see screenshot).

When I search in a people picker for this person, I can find it with the new name and even the old name.

What I tried:

- stsadm -o migrateuser -oldlogin domain\oldusername -newlogin domain\newusername -ignoresidhistory with the result: The specified old login name could not be found.

- User Profile Sync ... problem persists.

- Set-SPUser ... -SyncFromAD

- Looked at some database tables, but can't find anything with the old name.

- Looked into hidden User Information List in Sharepoint, also without finding anything with the old name.


Maybe someone else was facing this issue? -.-

I know it's more SharePoint related than Nintex, but the Nintex community helped me with most of my problems, so I thought I'm gonna give it a try first. Perhaps someone has any idea?!


Thanks in advance.