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Trapping List "Update Item" errors

Question asked by colin_e on Aug 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by rob

NWF: 2010


I have a document library that currently has system-friendly (all lower case, no spaces) file names on the documents, with a separate Title field with the human-friendly full name of each document.


Because of SP limitations when displaying items (basically, I can only get the pulldown menu of edit options for an item on the Name field), I want to bulk-update the Name field, by looping over the items in the list, using the Update Item action to copy Title to Name




I have roughly 100 documents in the library at the moment. Somewhere around item 38 the update action fails and the whole workflow errors-out and stops. The error message is (typical Sharepoint) amazingly unhelpful.


What I want to do is skip the problem item and have the workflow continue, but i can't see any way of trapping errors in NWF, which seems pretty bizarre.


When writing / updating items problems are likely. This could be caused by an item checked-out in the list, a file type that can't be updated (the item the loop dies on today is a PDF file I think, where all the preceding ones are Word Documents), or any number of other reasons.


What I need is the equivalent of a Try/Catch block in other modern languages, or even (if we have to go back to the 1970's) "On Error Goto". How does one accomplish this in a Nintex Workflow?


Regards: Colin_E