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Execute SQL Entire Query from Reference Field

Question asked by ibozhu on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by abdullahfahmi91

In the "Execute SQL" action, you can insert reference field. But can you insert a reference field which contains the entire query? My testing shows this is not possible?


I have a list which has a multiple line type field, this field contains the entire SQL query. In the workflow, I query this list and store the query in a multiple line variable (also tried single line variable but no difference). Then insert this variable into "Execute SQL" action. But it always runs into error like "Error performing database operation ...".


However, if I place the same query directly into the query box, workflow runs fine without any issues.


I have also tested the return value of the variable, it seems that it just returns the exact query statement, so I do not understand why it does not work. Does it mean the return value of the variable is parsed differently into "Execute SQL" action?


The purpose of doing so is to maintain the query easily so users do not have to go into workflow and adjust the action.


Any help will be appreciated.