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After the version upgrade to Nintex Forms 2013 ( Nintex Workflow Scheduler got removed

Question asked by bjoshi on May 17, 2016
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Hello Team,


I have a question related to Nintex Version Upgrade and what is deprecated from the older version.

Newer Version:

Nintex Workflow 2013 ( - English 

Nintex Forms 2013 ( )


Old Installed version : 

Nintex Workflow 2013 ( - English

Nintex Forms 2013 ( )




Nintex Workflow Scheduler is missing from the newer version.




When I installed Nintex with the older version, I can see Nintex Workflow Scheduler in the Timer Job Definitions Page.  I checked in Central Administration > Monitoring > Timer Jobs > Review job definitions  and scrolled through until Nintex Workflow Scheduler is located.


With Newer Version, I am not able to find Nintex Workflow Scheduler.



1. Is this deprecated?

2. What is the alternative?

3. Is there a Powershell command that we can use to installed it?

4. Is the below command the one that I need to install to get Nintex WorkFlow Scheduler in Timer Job Definition Page?

               NWAdmin.exe -o InstallTimerJob -job ScheduledWorkflows -url http://yourwebappurl/


Hope to get your response soon !