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How do you start a workflow on multiple items within the same list at the same time?

Question asked by chetspires on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2014 by dan.stoll

I have a list that has been up for several months and initially had a "start when created" workflow running on it.  I have recently taken the workflow offline, made some significant changes to the workflow and now need to start it again across the entire list of about 900+ items. Starting manually would take too long and I tried a work around by having it start on condition and that condition being a "1" I placed in a new column called "Workflow Starter".  I just went down the list in quick edit and put 1s in that column and the workflow started just fine.  The issue with this approach is that the start on condition feature is actually "Start when items are modified and:" the condition which in my case is when the Workflow Starter equals 1.  What happens is every time the list item is modified, the workflow restarts which caused a lot of problems not to mention blowing up my version history.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.