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Can only see all Task with Site Collection Administrator not with Full Controll

Question asked by mamonga on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by mamonga

Hello Guys,


ich have some problems with my Nintex Workflow Task Form. Hope somebody can help me...


My Problem


The Workflow Creates a Flexitask with Nintex Forms and we have one Admin User (With permission full conroll) that can see all Task in this Task List. On the frist few Weeks it was all ok and now i got the following Problem:


I click on Task, that assigned to another person. My User have Full controll on this List and Item and i got the following error:




After click on "Web Parts maintenance Page"  i got the an "Access denied". With my Farm Account user i got the following window:



Now i test this Situation with my Sitecollection Administrator and i got this View.




Anybody know what i can do, that my User can see all Task from this List without this error? At the beginn this function work but not now anymore :-(