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complex form with Calculations fails to load after adding an additional calculation field.

Question asked by cloudedturtle on Jul 31, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2014 by obsmcmp

I have a very complex form that has been created using Nintex forms. The form has about 60 fields, + and additional 72 calculated values (some of these are stored in the list item, some of them are not. Most of the calculated value I have not poplated the formula for, I got to about the 17th formula, and anytime that I add the next formula to ANY control, my form stops loading. I see some javascript errors on the page stating that and ID could not be found. If I kill the most recent formula that I added, the form loads fine.


Is there some limitation on the number of formulas that I can appropriately have on a page/form? Is there any known limitation on the number of fields/controls that I can have on a form? (The above counts account for only about 1/2 of the forms expected content)


Has anyone else seen a problem similar to this?


Thanks in advance!