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[NINTEX Forms] Disable Save button if no choice selected in a Choice Control

Question asked by ornicus on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by ornicus


I have a list on a page with a column "Loop" containing integer (number of time the items has been treated) and a column "Reason for loop" containing a choice list.

Loops is already filled and I want the user to edit the item via the form and to select a reason for the loop.

In the form, I want to disable the Save button if (Loop>0 and Reason for Loop have no choice selected).


I already do this disable with other fields and it works fine but not with the choice control. For the purpose of testing, I try to disable Save only if the user made no choice in Reason for Loop.


I added a rule on the Save button with:


ReasonforLoop == ""

ReasonforLoop == "Please select a value..."


None are working. Does anybody have an idea to write the correct formula?


PS: I could use validation on reason for loop but disabeling the save button is a much more elegent solution in my opinion.


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