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Multiple Approvers

Question asked by geetha.baskar on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by cazza162

Hi everyone,


I am extremely new to Sharepoint and I've been given the task of creating a document approval workflow. I am trying to create a workflow that sends one document to multiple approvers for approval simultaneously. The document must be approved by all approvers before it is considered a completely approved document.



Even if one approver rejects the document, he/she must leave a mandatory comment for the rejection and a notification is sent to the initiator to correct or make changes to the document. Once the document is revised, it is sent to all the approvers once again for approval. This happens in a loop until all the approvers approve the document.



What is known for sure:



1. Only one document will be sent per approval request.

2. There are x number of approvers. This is chosen by the person initiating the request.

3. The initiator must be notified is the task is rejected or approved. He/she also must be notified if the document is approved as a whole.

4. If there is even one rejection, the document is considered rejected. It must follow the process again after the initiator makes his/her revisions to the document.

5. Finally, once all the approvers have approved the document, the initiator receives one final notification informing him/her of this. The workflow ends here.



I'm looking for help in this situation. I've come up with this solution so far. I've selected the 'all must agree to a specific outcome' option for BEHAVIOUR and clicked on the option 'agree'. However, this doesnt seem to work.



Any suggestions?