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Alternative to Lookup List Control for Nintex Forms published to Nintex Live

Question asked by mgthompson on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2017 by mmatsako

Hi everyone,


I have a Nintex Form that will be published to Nintex Live. The form has two lookup lists, one to an Organization List and one to a projects List. The people submitting the form need to be able to choose their organization from the list, or enter a new value, and choose a project from the list or enter a new value. The project name has a format of ID*Project Name. The ID is generated when a form is submitted and a new project item is added to the project list. This is then supposed to be looked up from the form when a person fills out the form. They can submit a new project or resubmit a project using the names from the project list.


All of this is well and good until you publish to Live. We all know Lookup control is not available in Live. I figure though a dynamic drop-down is a common requirement from many using Nintex Forms and someone might have a way to get around this through Live.


I have some theories that may work, but was wondering if anyone else can provide some ideas.


1. If there a way to have a Choice Field in SharePoint and programmatically add the generated project name to the list of values for the column. Then just have a choice field on the Nintex Form.

2. Use JavaScript on load of form to lookup the Projects list and get the values from Title field and add it to a Choice Control on the Nintex Form.


I have been searching for awhile. Any help will be appreciated.