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Nintex Forms - Redirect form submission based on URL

Question asked by on May 12, 2016
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We are using Nintex Forms 2013

Does anyone know how to redirect a form/page after submission to a specific URL depending on if the URL contains a specific word?


The essence of what I am trying to accomplish is after the user presses submit for a Nintex form:


If URL contains the word "External"

  redirect to http://myIntranetExternal/SubmissionComplete.aspx


  redirect to http://myIntranetInternal/SubmissionComplete.aspx


The reason that we need to do this is we have extended our web application to a new zone. 


Internal users access the site via http://myIntranetInternal.  External users access the site via http://myIntranetExternal.  We don't have a proxy server to help with the URL rewrite.