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Prompting for constants when publishing

Question asked by vacoder on May 10, 2016
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I have some actions in a workflow which have to be 'set' before I'm able to publish.  This is actually a workfow that depoly as part of a powershell site creation and it fails to publish, though I can add it to the site. It's the Request Review actions that are preventing it from publishing. We are using a workflow variable to set th eldap_user you see in the reviewers textarea. The Pay Control is a value that comes in with the workflow data. Nthing is being done in the item permissions.

My question is why would I have to open the workflow, click configure on the action, save the action in order for th eyellow warning to go away? I don't make any changes when I click configure. I just save it. This makes for a very time consuming process and it seems like it shouldn't have to be this maybe we're missing something in how these are set up? I need to be able to publish these workflows using powershell if at all possible.


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Thank you!