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My form with hidden field are a "little" ugly and buggy. Why ?

Question asked by s.loudiyi on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by patrickabel

So, I made a form with some hidden field (with rule) :


(The red are the hidden field, and the other colors are the choice and the field they are hidding).

But when I'm testing this, I have some problem. Here some screen :

issue2Sans titre.png

It's pretty hard to see here, but the grey background are not displaying entirely



Same problem, but that's not a big deal


Yeah, now, it's a little more problematic. So, the "commentaire" field display properly (in all case), but the two field "Nb jour" and "Nb heure" overlap when the "commentaire" field are not hidden anymore and there are a huuuuge gap (there was in the previous picture, but not so much). I can't find why it's making that. I tried some solution that I found on the net (like espacing the field), but I still have the same problem.


Does anyone have an idea ^^' ?