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Looping workflow hits "outbound http request quota for a 1.00:00:00 period" problem

Question asked by andrewwhitmorervs on May 10, 2016
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I have a lengthy For-Each based workflow that loops over web based InfoPath forms in a library, and calculates how old they are, so that email reminders can be sent as appropriate. This is to remind people they have forms that they have created, but have not yet finalised.


The action of the workflow is to send a reminder X days after the form has been created, every Y days thereafter, and then finally delete it after Z days. X, Y and Z are parameters that I look up, as they are different for each form template.


I have attached a screenshot (sorry for size..!)


Logically, I think I now have a workflow that is correct, but I hit the following error which suspends the workflow:


  • Details: The instance has exceeded the outbound http request quota for a 1.00:00:00 time period. The 5000 request limit was reached in 08:13:55.3271487.


In a particular library I have over 400 forms that need to be processed every day. I am aware that as I am working within the O365 and SharePoint Online environment that I have no control over the server side timings/settings etc so I believe by only avenue is to optimise the workflow further....however I am now stuck as I do not know where I can make further savings.


I am therefore looking for some general advice...

  • Are there actions in my workflow that are generating excessive http requests?
  • Are there other actions that I could use to reduce http requests?
  • Logically, could the workflow be structured more efficiently?
  • Is there any alternative approach I could take that would give me the same result (email the form creator after X days, then every Y days, and delete after Z days).


Many thanks for reading!