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function showing control ID not name of control

Question asked by melanietully on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by melanietully

we had a form that was working with tabs. Suddenly it has stopped. Click on tabs and related panels do not change.


Noticed the function code is not(or({Control:d4e43fab-0e8c-405e-8652-591dae9d6511}=="Contract
Award", {Control:d4e43fab-0e8c-405e-8652-591dae9d6511}=="All"))


what is the control: d4e43fab-0e8c-405e-8652-591dae9d6511

should that not be a name of a field or control? How do I fix it to get the tabs to work. I can t build functions as the (fx) icon when opening the form throws an object not set ref error.