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Questions about Nintex Live Forms authentication / authenticating against forms

Question asked by yvette on May 6, 2016

I'm looking for more information about Nintex Live for Nintex Forms 2013, specifically on the topic of authentication.


At my company HR uses forms for new employees requesting personal information regarding contact, payroll, tax and travel allowance. New employees are asked to fill out these forms months before their first day at the company, i.e. when they can not yet access the intranet. Therefore forms are now being filled out on paper, mailed back to the company and finally digitized by HR. We're hoping Nintex Live can provide a solution. However, access needs to be secure.


In the whitepaper Security and Access aspects of Nintex Live (I only found a whitepaper for Nintex Forms 2010 but am actually looking for a Nintex 2013 solution) it is stated in paragraph 4.3 'Authenticating against a form':

"When a form is published to Nintex Live, the form designer can choose to set the security restrictions (secure or anonymous) on the form. When selecting secure, the form designer will be required to specify the users who will be allowed to view and submit the form. When a user is specified, the email address is stored with the form to help identify the user.

Users are then required to authenticate with an authentication provider (e.g. Windows Live, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn)."


That leaves me with two questions:

1) Do all email addresses need to be known (and registered) in advance, before publishing the form?

2) What happens when users don't use/have access to the mentioned authentication providers, i.e. don't have a Windows Live or Facebook account? (I suppose the chances of that will be slim, but I would like to be prepared for any situation!)


References to more information (documents, blogs etc.) are most welcome.


Looking forward to your reply!


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