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Get task respondent display name from a group

Question asked by andreapasutti on May 5, 2016
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Hi! I'm new to Nintex and I have a feeling my question is very basic, but I still need to ask. I have a workflow that assigns a task to a group. I need to add the display name of the individual who responded to the task to notifications that go out in the rest of the workflow. Using the "Last Task Respondent" and "Last Task Respondent Display Name" only gives me the group name. Querying the user profile throws an error. So if my group consists of:


Group 1





But my respondent is:





And I want to send a notification to the director saying that the task was assigned to Group 1 and that Mike specifically responded to the task, how do I get Mike's display name out of the group? His name shows up as the task respondent in the Workflow Task List, so I know this is possible.