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Unable to reach ADFS url

Question asked by smccnn on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by smccnn

Hi everyone, I am hoping to get some clarity on this error that has been plaguing my Tenant for sometime now. We have some workflows that login to our tenant in order to start another Workflow or to perform another task. These workflows continuously enter the 'Suspended' state all with the same error (also attached):


Unable to reach AFDS Url ''


The workflow internal status is 'Details: ServiceNoResponse'


All I can do is to keep retrying the workflow and it has worked, but a few hours after the fact. It is becoming a huge annoyance to my client with the delays being experienced. They are a SharePoint Online customer so I do not know why this issue occurs, where it is occurring from, and how to rectify it.