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Delegate Flexi Task in C#

Question asked by mech288 on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by mech288

Hi everyone,

I currently need to delegate a Nintex 2010 Flexi Task to another user in C# server code. I currently have tried using this code snippet to do this, but the result is always false (unsuccessful).


public bool DelegateTask(SPListItem taskItem, SPUser delegateToUser)
     NintexTask nintexTask = NintexTask.RetrieveTask(taskItem.ID, taskItem.Web, taskItem.ParentList);
     Approver approver = nintexTask.Approvers.GetBySPId(taskItem.ID);
     bool success = Delegation.DelegateApprovalTask(true, approver, delegateToUser.LoginName, false, false, "Delegated note.",true);
     return success;


Delegation is turned on for the Flexi Task, and I can do it from the Nintex Form manually. Maybe Delegation.DelegateApprovalTask doesn't work for Flexi Task delegations? Could I just change the Assigned To on the task and achieve the same result? Any help would be appreciated.