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Variables not passing between Workflows using Start Workflow Action

Question asked by worksofwisdom on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by cazza162

I have 2 library based Nintex 2010 workflows connected to same library. WF1 starts from a context menu item on the list, collects some info from a user in a form, (some list data, and some variable data) submits and saves the form does some logic to construct the strings, then passes some state as 2 variables into WF2 using the Start Workflow Action, a  multi line string (strInitiateState) and a single line string (strComments).):




WF2 is the main workflow that runs the approval process, it is set to start manually, on update, on create, and has 2 'show on form' variables associated with it, a single line string and multiline string


When I run WF1, the data is captured correctly and I can log the 2 variables' states, and WF2 starts. The issue is that the receiving variables in WF2 show null when I log them- state is not getting passed.


I suspect that WF 1 is updating list state and triggering WF2 before the WF1 StartWorkflow action completes, but it does not seem that there are 2 WF2 instances that are running.


Do I need to use save state data/retrieve data action to do this, or use call web service (ick), or do I simply have to ensure WF1 does not update state of list before i use the Start Workflow action in WF1? I must enable WF2 to start on update and create - its the primary way to update the list.


Thank you