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How do I have a usable hyperlink in a form field in display mode?

Question asked by andreapasutti on May 3, 2016
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I have a list that I am using as a master task list for tasks related to audit findings. The workflow will run and send a series of notifications and assign workflow tasks. I'm using a build string action to create a hyperlink to the workflow tasks for each item on the master task list. The workflow then writes that link back to the master task list in a multi-line text field that serves as a running log of all activity on the item. This field is only visible when the form is in Display Mode. How do I a) write a link into the body of this field so it's not a messy, 5 mile long URL - ideally it would be embedded in the name of the task on the master task list, and b) how do I make this link clickable when the form is in Display Mode? Using the Hyperlink field is not an option as we want the link to be included in the running log of all activity in chronological order.