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Automatically add a task into the timeline

Question asked by ignasitt on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2016 by emha

Dear all,


I have a client requierement asking for adding the tasks automatically on the timeline each time a new task is created.


I have a Nintex worklfow that is creating tasks on a task list when a user create a new "project" on another list. The tasks are well created on the task list, but... Do you know if there's a way to automatically show up the new tasks into the timeline?


The client don't want to be forced to manually add the tasks each time a new one is generated by the workflow.


And yes, I've already found this post, but completelly useless due the explanation of the followed procedure is really bad.

Dinusha's Blog: Programmatically add tasks to timeline in SharePoint 2013 Tasks list


Thank you in advance!

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