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Workflow editor crashes with bigger workflows

Question asked by rszabo on Apr 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by ganeshglitz

We experienced a very disturbing issue with our workflows during design time. We have 4-5 bigger workflows (big as the number of action in the WF or the number of actions are not too big, but the task forms are Huge (lots of controls/repeting sections, etc). It's inside the limits. We can publish we can run them. BUT...


When a user with averege laptops (Intel i3/5, 4GB+ RAM, Win7, IE11) edits teh WF for a longer period (30 min to 2 hours) the WF Editor silently crashes... 

- Flexi task deciesion brances mixed up for no good reason, or manual change

- Branhes shifts to left or a branch is unusabel anymore (can't add actions into that...)

- Task Forms disappear or on task form got overwritten with another one.

an similar unbelievable events... It's  like the whole WF XML gets ruined.


My first idea was that the windows/IE runs out of memory and starts killing the processes inside and accidentally kills Nintex or something like that.

But happens the same with better laptops too... Any Limit to WF XML/FORM size? Unspoken Nintex limitations?


Has anybody experienced similar issues?


Thanks in advance!